I-Ching and Carl Jung

Carl Jung


           I-Ching resembles night and day, good and bad, and luck and bad luck: these are contrasting points that exist in everyday life. I-Ching represents bipolar characteristics of world that people experience in everyday life.
           I-Ching is the oldest fortune-telling method that people know of today. It uses sticks and coins to see the fortune of one, and by throwing those materials, the shapes that show the fortune of one. Carl Jung, the mental therapist, works to use I-Ching to find the mental fitness that humans want to possess, and with I-Ching, he tried to find the eternal end of the humans’ minds. Eternal fulfillment to be made and possessed by the humans through those furtune telling, and it is to be made by the humans.
           In I-Ching, there are 64 characters that depict that idea of mental fitness. Each symbol resembles the different image and idea that show the future of the one. Through those images, the fortune was concluded, and each time, different explanations were needed to the different people with different ideas. Furthermore, things were judged by the concepts that showed in the images of I-Ching.
           Carl Jung wrote “Forward” to the concepts of I-Ching, which he gave out the ideas that he thought of the world and the fortunes that he wanted to possess as the mental therapist. His texts gave out the mental fulfillment to be gained through the handling of oneself. In the context, it also gives out the ideas that he wanted to spread out to the world as the one.
           Through these explanations, we can find that Jung is used to I-Ching, and he is in a keen mood to the concepts that he believed. The keen mind knew that real fulfillment and the needs that he believed.


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